Growing up I spent most of my weekends busking in Calgary with my father and sister. The money  we made would go towards lessons and new instruments. Throughout the years we learned to play the violin, mandolin, accordion, guitar, bass, trumpet, saxophone, harmonica and piano. During middle school and most of high school, we performed as a family, country/ rock cover band for corporate gigs, weddings and christmas parties. After I graduated, I joined a band called Won Over Nothing as the bassist, vocalist and harmonica player. We were a young rage against the machine, rock, hip-hip union. We played for a few years around Calgary and inevitably broke up as most young bands do. It didn't take long for me to realize that I needed to be performing and playing music for the rest of my life. I started going to open mics with my acoustic guitar and harmonicas playing covers, which has evolved into opening up The Amphitheater at Shambhala Music Festival the last 3 years as a live looping, multi-instrumentalist, performing a full hour of original material.

I am on the journey of perfecting my sound  through live entertainment and production. Equipped with an electric violin,  vintage telecaster guitar, purple heart shaped bass and a 6 key harmonica belt,  I am often accompanied by my big sister with her silky saxophone playing and dreamy vocal harmonies.

My vision is to fuse genres of music together and live instruments with electronic backbones. I create feel good music. I want to create the type of music you ride down a mountain to, or skate, longboard and surf to. The kind of music you listen to on a scenic ocean mountain highway with the sun beaming through your open windows.

Music is a universal language. I plan to connect with human beings by expressing the raw emotions, continuously through connection and inspiration.

Life is short  xx