“Jodie B’s uncanny ability to continually hone her skills and integrate new elements into her live and studio musicianship is a result of a lifetime of immersion in performance — music is a foundational component of the very fabric of her being. From humble beginnings learning the ropes as a street busker to lighting up stages at major music festival’s, her comfortability on stage is palpable, giving the audience the best possible experience, regardless of setting”. 

-Paul Rodgers, Jucy editor, BeatRoute Magazine

Jodie B is a live loop performer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, performing as both a solo artist and as a duo with her sister. Her original craft is a seamless blend of electro-soul, inspired by FKJ, Atmosphere, Rufus Du Sol, NomBe and DubFx. Jodie B performs with her guitar, violin, bass, harmonicas, synths, vocals, and electronic drums, while her sister Nique Bruce specializes in saxophone, mandolin and harmonizing vocals.  

In summer of 2019, Jodie B will be releasing two singles (“Game Of Fools” and “Face Yourself”) promoting the singles with confirmed festival dates at Evolve and Shambhala Music Festival. A collaborative EP featuring Calgary artist and producer, Rachel Geek, is set to be released in early 2020. Makemdef of Chuurch and Jodie B have also been creating new music with a darker twist to the lean bass/electro-soul duo. Jodie B has released over 10 singles since 2015 including “Long Ride”, “The Wolf”, “Daughter”, “The Judge”, “Words”, “Keep Going”, “JP”, and her live set from Shambhala Music Festival in 2017 (all self-produced).

In 2018, Jodie B performed at Shambhala Music Festival, Fozzy Fest and opened up for The Pharcyde and DubFx in Calgary. She performed at Astral Harvest Music Festival (both in 2016 & 2017 in Northern Alberta), Boogaloo Art Car & Music Festival (California 2017), Shambhala Music Festival (2017) and opened up for DubFx and Methodman & Redman in Calgary, 2017.  Jodie B has co-written and produced with artists such as Kytami, Dj Marky, Natural Ensemble , and Chuurch since her first performance at Shambhala Music Festival in 2015. 

With a strong fan base out of Calgary, Jodie B is also establishing her career and communities in both Kelowna and Toronto. Her mission is to keep live performance and live instruments in the electronic music scene. “Electronic dance rhythms and heavy bass lines have always been an important staple in my life; however, I grew up singing and playing various maritime instruments in Newfoundland kitchen parties, so it’s integral to me that I create original material influenced by all avenues of my musical background, says Jodie B. 

The early days of her career were spent street performing with her father and sister in downtown Calgary. The value of hard work was established when the money they made would go towards new instruments and lessons. Throughout the girls’ childhood, their father had introduced the violin, mandolin, accordion, guitar, bass, trumpet, harmonica, saxophone, and piano lessons. 

Awards - Jodie was awarded a full scholarship from Bell Media to attend Canada’s Music Incubator in Toronto for 8 weeks beginning March 5th, 2019. The program included one-on-one performance workshops, vocal workshops, producer consultations, live tech workshops, digital marketing workshops, grant writing workshops, goal setting workshops, Nashville style co-writes, live video performances, style consultations, and many guest speakers including Sony/ATV music publishers, the president of FACTOR and Dr. Stein on psychology of the music industry.